Will the New York Knicks get rid of Amare Stoudimere? Yes because without the ball in his hands, Stoudimere is ineffective and now I’m convinced that Stoudimere cannot be paired up with any other NBA star.


Kobe said working the system is all about adaptation. And if you work the system then you will make it over the top. Kobe’s been in the league 16 years and his game is still in the top three for performance. He’s number one in closing and number two in scoring. Had he played his last game then he’d be number one in scoring, but sat out and let Kevin Durant win the scoring title. It’s true, Kobe’s game is slowing down but the Black Mumba still knows how to get it done. That’s called the system. Instead of driving to the hole, Kobe shoots more jumpers, passes for more assist, and plays defense like an all first-team. That’s the Kobe System and when you understand the system then you’ll understand Kobe. Comments anyone?

You heard it from me that D-Wade is the closer for the Heat and anybody that knows basketball will tell you that. Lebron James might be the best player in the game but he is not the best closer. Kobe is and D-Wade is second. Remember this, Kobe had to get on Lebron in the All-Star game for not taking the last shot. You also have to remember that this is D-Wade’s team and Lebron (King James) left his kingdom to seek help and guidance from another Kingdom(Miami) and really, that’s all needs to be said. Chris Bosh thinks D-Wade is the closer. Here’s my third and finally point. It was D-wade that closed out the Mavericks in four games straight to win the championship.  And he won the MVP for his efforts.No more questions. Comments anyone?


Defending champion Dallas Mavericks get swept up and thrown in the trash(talking). They should have never let Tyson Chandelier go. And should have worked harder on letting Lamar Odom stay. in the end, that was two big men you played without and you couldn’t win a game. What should Mark Cuban do now? I’ll tell what he should do. He should send Odom back to the Lakers, so the Lakers will be sound, retire Jason Kidd, trade Dirk, sell the team, and then choke his self. Comments anyone?

This is the match-up that the NBA and Nike really want, Kobe vs Lebron. Remember when Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers, finished with the best record in the NBA, but failed to reach the Finals? Nike had promoted the Kobe-Lebron hype thinking they would cash in when both reached the Final, but it didn’t happen. Oh, Kobe and the Lakers were there, but no Lebron, no Finals for the Cavs. Well, this time they are waiting to see if Kobe can make it back to the Finals and if he can, then the shoe-saga continues. Care to Comment?

It just seemed fitting to mention a falling soldier. especially one that put in twenty years of service. Junior Seau death came to a shock to me. And hearing that Seau committed suicide was even more shocking. I watched Seau play his whole career and never have I seen a player play hard from start to finish. It was fun watching him play even though he played for our conference rival, San Diego Chargers. Its funny that he shot himself in the chess and not the head. I think he wanted them to study his brain like they did former NFL player Dave Duerson, who also killed himself in the same fashion.

Dallas is in a battle with Oklahoma City, and the Thunder is winning it 2-0. Oh, if Dallas had a big man to control the paint then Dallas might be headed toward a second NBA title, but they don’t. Why? Because they let him get away. The funny thing is, Tyson Chandler just won Defensive Player of the Year. On top of that, remember, they let Lamar Odom go. What will Mark Cuban do next? Comments anyone?

Kobe Bryant had just stated to Lisa Salters, during an interview, that it takes to things to win a NBA championship: defense and rebounds and he also stated that he likes his chances at winning it all. And to put emphasis on it and drive his statement home, Kobe’s teammate Andrew Bynum puts up a triple-double to take a 2-0 lead against the Nuggets. Bynum is the best big man in the game, hands down. Dwight Howard was, but Andrew Bynum is the big man getting it done in the playoffs. With a little bench help and a strong performance from Paul Gasol and the Lakers can wrap the West up. Comments anyone?

The Celtic’s Paul Pierce showed up at Game 2 as The Truth (his stage name) and scored 36 points and 14 rebounds as they evened the series (1-1) against the Hawks. Pierce, a former Jayhawk, looked like he did back in 08, when he led his team to a NBA championship. I thought when Rajon Rondo went out, so did their chances of picking up a win in Atlanta. They were already short Ray Allen, due to bone spurs in his right ankle. If Pierce stay in “The Truth” mode then the Celtics might just give the Miami Heat a run for their money and Lebron James might not have it made after all. Comments anyone?