If Lebron James has made a wish for an easy path to the NBA championship then his wish has definitely came true. The Eastern Conference road to the NBA Finals has been cleared of all obstacles. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, out with an ACL tear; Amare Stoudemire, out with lacerations to his and left hand; Jeremy Lin, Knicks, out with surgery to the knee; Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics, out one game for a chess bump on the referee. No one else in the Eastern Conference posed a threat to the Heat; therefore, allowing them to walk right into the NBA Finals.


Boston was making a hell of a comeback when Rajon Rondo lost his cool and chest-bumped the ref. What was he thinking about? Without Rondo, the Celtics don’t stand a chance and its curtains. Commissioner Stern is sure to give Rondo a one-game suspension.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Kansas City acquired another profession basketball team? We’ve got the new Spring Center, and enough fans to fill it, but where would the team come from? Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings. That’s right, the same Kings that was here back in the 80s. Remember the old Kansas City Kings? Scott Wetman, Otis Birdsong, and Sam Lacey.

Man I was hurt when they left town, but it’s quite possible that we may see a return.With Sacramento’s arena aging and the economy struggling, the Kings might be forced to find a new home and Kansas City would be perfect. Hell, I’d support them. What you think?

Kevin Durant won his third straight scoring title. He passed Kobe Bryant on Sunday for the lead in which Kobe needed to score 38 points last night against the Kings to take the title. But Kobe was to smart to chase after the 2012 scoring title, knowing that he needed to rest and his team needed to gel if they wanted to make a strong push for the NBA title. Durant is also a top candidate for this year’s MVP. Capturing his third straight title might help make his case. We will see.

Well, Commissioner Stern has ruled and it looks like the Lakers will be short one man. Metta World Peace was suspended  7 games due to his hit on James Harden.

Will Kobe go a head of Durant for the scoring title? Kobe held the lead throughout the season, but Durant squeeze passed him last week. Durant scored 32 points last, bring his average for the year to 28.0 ppg.

In order to win the scoring title, Kobe needs to score 38 points. Good luck Kobe. And get it done.

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Yeah, I stole my title from Bernie Mac, but so what. I’m Ernie Mac, one of Bernie’s followers and it’s okay, damn it. Check the video. Holla.

Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest is back, and when I say, “back”, I mean back to his old form of seek, kill, and destroy. His name change was suppose to exemplify his change from within, but I guess his old self isn’t having it. You do remember his fight with a fan as an Indianapolis Pacer?

Kobe Bryant was clutch last night against the Thunder. In the 4th quarter, Bryant hit two clutch free throws to send the game into overtime. The Lakers had been down by 18 points as Bryant led the come-from-beyond victory that ended in 2OT.